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Whether you wish to bring more traffic to your trade show booth, treat your employees to an incredible bash, or anything in between, the experienced and knowledgeable staff at Celebrations can make it happen!

A celebration is a cause for a party. And as a corporate who better to party with than your own people. Consumer links assist in commemorating your celebration as a day to remember !

Every corporate has a definite need to celebrate and to promote to their stakeholders the aura and brilliance that their company enjoys. We understand the formality and the reverence behind these functions. 

Cabinet Meeting in Kalapatthar

On 04th December 2009, Nepal Government’s Cabinet meeting were held at 5,262 metres (17,192 feet) up in the world’s highest mountain range.

Prime Minister and 21 ministers travelled by helicopter to the
Kalapatthar , where they held a cabinet meeting to pressure the world
community to put on pressure  and show “huge challenge” facing by poor
Himalayan country Nepal posed by the climate change.

Likewise, The 1960’s Chinese – Tibetan expedition team’s member were at the height of 8700 m. One member could not continue due to technical and physical cause. In a dilemma, the three members of the communist party held an emergency meeting on the highest peak of the world at the highest point ever. At the meeting, they decided to push on and attain the success even without oxygen. This was the most inspiring meeting, decision that the Everest could inspire to take and success was there after few hours.

Now, it is your turn to meet, plan, launch, celebrate or else on the Everest.


Our Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp treks focuses on Corporate Celebrations in the High altitude, At the Base of Mt. Everest !!!

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